2020 GV/NS/POTY Recipients

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the show season was virtually cancelled. Thus, the TSSR will not have awards for this season. We will continue on for the 2021 Season.

See you at the Shows!

RULES for Awards (click here to open)

GV/NS awards must be 2 years of age and have final passing (hip and heart)  health testing  A Breed championship is required to be completed. Final breeding paperwork should be completed or in the process of being completed.

Points are earned by placing BOB or BOS in a show (points are based on the number of Shilohs in the show —BOB receives 1 pt including self for each Shiloh in show over 6 months of age/BOS receives 1 pt for each Shiloh of the same sex including self in the show)

Young Male/Female Shiloh of the Year  is presented to a male and female Shiloh that have placed as Best of Breed/Best of Opposite in shows, but are not yet of age to finalize health testing for adult breeding registration.

Puppy of the Year is presented to a 2-6 month old puppy winning the most BOB puppy during that time period.

If a Shiloh qualifies for more than one award the higher of the two awards will be presented to that Shiloh.